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^2500Hi.. ^1000 I am Lia and I am 12 years old.^1000
I love drawing and aspire to become a sketch artist. ^1000
My dad is a nerd. He aspires to become a crypto nerd. ^1000


We decided to team up...^5000


~ The Lore Of The DraginZ ~

Before there were Factions, there was anarchy. It was every Dragin for themselves. Gang warfare was constant. Many had to fight for their lives, and many did not survive. Eventually, five Draginz stepped up and began meeting in secret, dreaming of a better future: Needle, Redsand, Lulett, Halo, and Dripps. Each gained a following over time, forming five groups. The groups, or factions, were named after their creators, and they settled in areas suited to their needs, with Needle in a taiga forest, Redsand in a desert-like mesa, Lulett on an archipelago nestled in a coral reef, Halo on a mystical field of floating islands, and Dripps in a huge, dark cave system. They formed an alliance, and the group of leaders came to be known as the High Council.

After many years, the Council confronted some of the biggest gangs of the feuding draginz, and there was a long, bloody battle of the factions versus the factionless. When the battle finally ended, the gangs’ rule over many innocent draginz ended, and most rushed to join the factions to ensure their safety. Legend has it that a small number of draginz chose not to join a faction, and remained loners, living in the shadows and fending for themselves. Rumors persist that there are still draginz in the wilderness between the borders, who are descended from that gang, existing in secret, waiting for a chance to strike, but no one really knows…

~ The High Council ~

Lulett Faction

Lulett is a faction that resides on islands among a large coral reef. They are bright and festive and are focused around art and the trade. They enjoy making weavings and jewelry, and take great pride in their creations. The Council member for Lulett is Redfish, who has been in the Council for about ten years and while he is quite grumpy he enjoys his position.

RedfishLulett Faction Leader

Dripps Faction

The Dripps faction settled in a large, partially underground cave system in a rainy area. They are rather quiet, but they are inclusive and generous, leading to their community being extremely diverse and forgiving. Batflight is their council member, and has been for about five years. She is very outgoing and generous, and has done a lot to help the minorities of Dripps.

BatflightDripps Faction Leader

Halo Faction

Halo is the regal and elegant faction, where it’s members live in neatly built houses atop odd floating islands that seem to hover over the prairie below. They are thought to be the “purest” of the factions but in reality have had the most troubles out of the factions, with many buildings becoming unstable and falling apart, oftentimes down to the grasslands far below. The Council member for Halo is Silentfog, an older, more intelligent dragin, who is interested in building more stable buildings, but she ends up prioritizing that over much more important things.

SilentfogHalo Faction Leader

Redsands Faction

Specialized in farming and agriculture, these draginz made their home atop a plateau, where the sand is, you guessed it, red. They are talented in growing food as they have over time learned the perfect conditions for a lot of crops. Although, Redsands is a good place to find the Factionless, hiding perhaps in caves below the villages. Cactussong is the Council member for Redsands, a nervous, young dragin who is in her first year of power. She’s not quite ready for leading, but is slowly getting more accustomed to it.

CactussongRedsands Faction Leader

Needles Faction

Needles is a wild faction settled in a slightly hilly taiga forest. Their draginz tend to be rowdy and rough, but really they are quite gentle, and they love animals. Almost all households have some kind of pets, ranging from cats to horses to pretty much anything. They don’t take kindly to visitors, so most diplomatic meetings are dreaded. The current Council member for Needles is Brightsun, an ambitious dragin who wants to make sure their faction is thriving the best they can.

BrightsunNeedles Faction Leader

~ A Thunder Of Draginz ~ On 11/1/21, we launched our 0.025 SOL mint and due to incredible community support, we sold out in around 3 hours! It was a fun and crazy evening. We're looking forward to continuing work on the airdrops!

3000 hand drawn and algorithmically generated NFT images available exclusively on the Solana blockchain. With a fine blend of common, uncommon, rare and some ultra rare traits, each and every Dragin will be unique. Some Draginz may even have fun accessories!

Common Traits
Uncommon Traits
Rare traits
Ultra Rare Traits

~ Draginz Events ~ Since our original mint in November '21, we sucessfully released our SOLmate system on January 2nd and our Factions based Draginz Stone airdrop on February 8th. SOLmate pair matching and automatic mint and airdrop of Baby Draginz is STILL active! Meanwhile, our current event is our "Heros" airdrop. See below for more details!

11/1@11PM UTC Draginz 3000 (SOLD OUT) 1/2@11PM UTC SOLmates Baby Airdrop (DONE) 2/8@11PM UTC Factions Stones Airdrop (DONE) 3/1@11PM UTC Heros Free airdrop ONGOING Community Support

Hero Draginz Event

Our final originally announced event ties together our previous airdrops. In our original mint, you adopted charming Draginz and as part of our 2nd airdrop event, if you joined together two SOLmate pair Draginz in your wallet, those Draginz produced an egg. If you took good care of that egg, it hatched in to a baby Dragin! In our Stones airdrop, we unearthed and distributed some ancient Draginz Stones, which contain gems that boost the strength and purity of your baby Draginz. Now it's time to search for Heroes! We are scouring the Draginz universe looking for the purest and strongest Draginz. The top 10 Draginz will turn in to Heroes on March 1st! Heros are all completely unique!


Position Baby Dragin Name Baby Dragin Faction Owner Wallet Strength Purity Total
1 Mallowclaw Redsands ..SFxKdLq8 9 +3 +1 10 +3 +1 27
2 Jaggedstag Dripps ..35AY1X72 9 +3 10 +3 25
3 Blizzardbee Redsands ..9H7nURzY 9 +2 +1 10 +2 +1 25
4 Pidgeonfawn Halo ..WRHQzQyt 6 +3 +1 10 +3 +1 24
5 Rubyscales Halo ..wupkritt 10 +3 +1 5 +3 +1 23
6 Roseshadow Halo ..zGA1p3HU 8 +1 +1 10 +1 +1 22
7 Oakfoot Redsands ..3z44eUBv 7 +2 10 +2 21
8 Juniperdrop Dripps ..k5yqpEAc 6 +2 10 +2 20
9 Swampytree Redsands ..zapRAXRw 7 +3 +1 5 +3 +1 20
10 Fallenhill Needles ..YcoK6AQu 9 +2 +1 5 +2 +1 20
11 Cinderspike Dripps ..bTWdEarz 6 +2 10 +2 20
12 Thistlestream Needles ..zH5ofb2E 8 +1 10 +1 20
13 Sweetblossom Dripps ..wrJU4FW1 7 +1 10 +1 19
14 Blackhorn Redsands ..Rnrn9ED6 9 10 19
15 Hickoryeel Dripps ..ZUJgNbUo 8 10 18
16 Brighthop Redsands ..SVcDaBmq 6 +1 10 +1 18
17 Quietcrouch Needles ..5aof6WzR 8 10 18
18 Tigerdrop Needles ..dxjCmTfJ 7 10 17
19 Bearpuddle Redsands ..JJANNCmy 7 10 17
20 Emeraldmarsh Redsands ..fc6v4SGV 4 +1 10 +1 16

~ The Draginz Team ~

Here's everyone involved in the project! Some people are, uh, more involved than others.

LiaAll art stuff.
DadOther stuff.
MomProvider of medicore dinners.
Big BrotherTeenage grunting.
Lil SisPuppy like enthusiasm.
RockpreddyCommunity support.
VacancyCommunnity support.

~ The Draginz Art ~

The Artist

Hi, my name is Lia and I'm the artist for Draginz, or as I like to say the mastermind behind the plan! I decided to draw dragons for this project because I've been drawing them for four years and I have a some experience with them. I also wanted to create a world similar to the Wings of Fire books series, by Tui T. Sutherland, because that's what got me into dragons in the first place and it's been a huge inspiration for me throughout the years since I've read it.

The Process

This art was created on iPad using Procreate. It's an art program you can get on the app store for about ten dollars, and I think it's really great for projects like this, because there's a lot of export options and a ton of really cool tools like the "liquify". I also like it because it has some copy, paste and selection tools that make moving things around much easier. On the other hand, Procreate can be annoying because there is a a 60 layer limit on my device, which means I sometimes have to delete what I draw after I export it. Overall though, it's a nice app and I'd reccomend it to any other young artists like me :)

You can see exactly how I drew the art in the timelapse video.

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

If you’re new to NFT Art, here’s roughly how this works:

1) Acquire some Solana crypto currency. The easiest way to do this is to sign up with a crypto exchange, such as Coinbase. They are a trusted and publicly traded company. With your exchange account, you should be able to buy SOL with your local fiat (i.e paper) currency.

2) Install a Wallet on your computer. We recommend Phantom.

3) Transfer some Solana from your exchange account to your Phantom Wallet address. At this point you’re all set to grab a Dragin when they’re available! You just need to wait for the mint date and come back to the site then.

My dad spends all day doing computer and network admin stuff (apparently) and I spend a ton of free time drawing. We saw the NFT craze get going and thought it’d be a fun project to work together on. My dad wanted me to see how (and try) to earn some money from my art. I just wanted to buy a gaming PC, and upgrade my hamster’s habitat. Really, this has just been a super fun dad-daughter project!!

First was our SOLmates event. Every Dragin has a SOLmate, and if you collect both, a baby Dragin will airdrop. Then we found and distributed some ancient Dragin Stones that boost the power of baby Draginz! Next we're searching for heroes. After that, we move in to the long term community phase of the project. We'll continue to support our community and look for chances to build upon the work we have done.

YES!! We were so incredibly excited to see Belugies launch and do well. They are SOO cute. We love that the Belugie club is committed to making charitable donations.

Admire it, and feel good that you’re supporting an aspiring young artist, raising social awareness in a few certain ways, and helping contribute toward charitable donations. Who knew technology could be so wholesome!? Also, the Draginz is yours to use as you please under a non-exclusive license!

Some of the Draginz are equipped with cute pins which have mysterious graphics on them. Few of you will know what they are right away, and if just one more person is more educated at the end of this project, that will be so awesome!

Yes. We donated 10% of mint proceeds to Epilepsy Foundation & Animal Humane Society!

I drew the art (Lia) so that was free. My dad hosted the site on an existing VPS frontended by Cloudflare, costing around $30. My dad did all tech work for free. The domain was $15. The cost to put 3000 pieces of art on the Solana blockchain was around 5 SOL ($900). We paid for one month of a service providing graphic assets, about $20. Total outgoing cost were therefore around $1000

At 0.025, we sold out and raised 75 SOL, roughly $13.5K as of mint day (Nov'21). As we announced at the time, after the charitable donations and taxes were taken out, my dad and I split the rest evenly. I bought a gaming PC, and a new cage for my hamster. The rest of the money is saved for the future!

With our first airdrop we provided a fun game to play, searching for your Draginz SOLmates. A matched pair earned you an egg, and then taking care of your egg earned you a free baby Dragin airdrop. Then we rewarded holders of multiple Draginz with a special stone that boosts the stats of the Baby Draginz. Finally, with our hero drop, we're offering people the chance to win custom 1:1 art if they are amongst the holders of the top 10 strongest and purest Draginz! We think that's a good deal of value for a 0.025 SOL project, or around $5 at mint time!

Good luck! Have fun! - Lia.

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